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Why is it that everyone my age feels alone? I don’t get it. We’re all together but alone. What is this madness?

Whenever I read all my private blog posts usually it’s along the lines of “I’m alone boohoo, I’m sad, I’m hungry, I’m pregnant” Wait what? I never said that… well, not the last one hehe. I’m the only one who laughs at my jokes these days.

I find myself getting caught up in my stupid life way too often for my liking, and really not taking enough time off. While everyone who I want to be is/are (my English gets shitter by the day, I swear) cantering all around Europe, I’m sitting at home, listening to torrential rain that hasn’t stopped for about 4 days. I really need a holiday but I’m just too cheap/lazy/unloved to find someone/somewhere to go.

I swear when I started this post I actually had something to say… I guess I’m getting to old to remember all this stuff, unless you count song lyrics, my brain has an unlimited capacity to remember every trashy pop song on the planet I’ve only heard once (which also works in French, I suggest you Youtube search: “Dingue de toi Nabi Nabila”).

My schoolwork is getting more and more stressful, and the fact that my brilliance continues to be unrecognized… well let’s just say it hurts my ego. Naw, who am I kidding. I’m certainly not brilliant. Anyone who knows me would probably tell me that I’d be brilliant if I chose to. But most of the time I’m too busy extending my brilliance to other areas of life to bother with trivial things like schoolwork. All my teachers scare me, to be honest. One of them starts every sentence with “Felicity…” and I’m not sure whether he’s being friendly or undermining. Either way, since he’s the one telling me I need to write better I usually take it as undermining.

When I said I get so caught up in my stupid life I was really talking about languages. Since languages seem to be my future, and consequently two of the three subjects I take at school, I spend way too much time obsessing over them. They regularly send me into panics.. which I hate. The main point of any language (last time I checked) was to communicate, and to communicate well!

Since I am indeed an articulate being… I feel that I have accomplished this mission. Now I just have to prove it to the people who mark my DALF exam. (And to that teacher who says my name every chance he gets…)


Facebook in all its Glory

How Facebook is ruining my social life

You know the old saying “Ignorance is bliss”, well, Ignorance is indeed bliss. I think I was happier when I thought the quiet girl who who would blush whenever anyone looked in her direction didn’t have a new boyfriend every week. I look at all these people who I was so convinced I knew and suddenly they’re complete strangers. Facebook has also single handedly destroyed my family. I added my favourite cousin on Facebook, and he accepted me, of course. It’s an unspoken rule that you add someone with the same last name as you (regardless if they’re actually related to you or not). One day I decided to send him a message just to ask how he was and how old he was (last time I checked he was 10 and I was 7). I find his profile and notice that we are no longer friends… that’s right, my own flesh and blog had basically disowned me. So I added him, thinking there was probably some terrible mistake, he accepted me and then promptly deletes me again. One word — rude. Needless to say I have not association with that side of the family since.

How Facebook is (probably) worse than heroin

It’s like a train wreck, you want to look away and save yourself while you can… but at the same time it is so hypnotising that you’re sure 5 more minutes won’t hurt. You’re wrong. Five more minutes is slowly leading to your demise! Numerous case studies have proved time and time again that people are putting Facebook higher and higher on their priorities list. The majority of us don’t care if you just made dinner, or if it’s raining because since the 1900s most of us have had windows installed in our houses, so we too are up to date with the weather. Come on, people! When you have a child why don’t you hold it for a little while before discarding it in the corner and taking to Facebook to announce “i justt had a babey lol.”

How Facebook brings out everyone’s inner Narcissist

When you log into Hell (commonly known as Facebook) one of the first things you would probably notice is that everyone is preoccupied trying to prove to everyone that their lives are better than everyone else’s. In most cases it’s nice to hear people enjoying themselves (though it gets rather tedious after 20 minutes), and all’s well if that actually was the truth… but astonishingly Facebook is actually CAUSING depression, not reducing it. It seems that having 1000 friends and being tagged in pictures of you participating in some underage drinking (or at one of those awkward family reunions where you have to dance with one of your uncles) isn’t actually the key to happiness. Probably because it makes you think “But because of all this aren’t I supposed to have/be…” In reality, it’s when the world ends and the zombies attack that you find out who your real friends are.

Despite all these points that were probably really discouraging to anyone considering joining Facebook, my sole tip is that… DON’T! IGNORANCE IS BLISS.

I’m just kidding. Go ahead, but you have been warned.

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Family and why I don’t like them

Lol, I’m kidding. Actually, partially kidding. I have family members I don’t like. Not gonna name names but  I guess it grates on my nerves when I have to be in the same room as them. This is why I do my best to stay away from them.

However, there are family members I really love. Yes, you heard right. There are family members that mean so much to me that I would be willing to learn a whole new language for them (seriously, this is like a declaration of love from me). These include my mum, my dad, and my brothers.

My dad just sent me some pictures of when I was visiting them a few weeks ago. Despite being kind of fat looking in the pictures (don’t believe I look so gross, gained a lot of weight for unexplained reasons, and it’s going now…) I really love them. Mostly because I have hardly any pictures of us all together and seeing us so happy just makes me, well, happy.


Actually. I should have written something as a title.

Right now I’m trying to write something for English. The book is specifically telling me to write about the people and places around me, and try and communicate an idea. I am superbly terrible at exercises of this kind… so here goes.

I am going to write about the earthquake. Why? Because technically there were ‘places’ before and now thanks to the earthquake there are none.

The city was beautiful. Maybe not in an obvious or pretentious way but it was there. Rivers snaked through the city, and modern offices sprang up beside ancient stone buildings. People rushed around town with coffees a la main, and cellphones clamped to their ears. Young people dressed in eye wateringly bright colours waited for their friends in front of the old cathedral. The only people who cared were tourists who looked on with awe at their surroundings. Like any typical city there was a mix of architectural creations  from different generations, but for the most part they were ignored. Life was speeding by and in our rush to live we forgot to.

After taking everything for granted, an event occurred that sure made the sorry citizens of Christchurch wish they hadn’t. An earthquake. Unless you have been in the middle of the end of the world, you may not know what it feels like. One day everything changes, and the stages of grieving change everything. Why did this happen? How could it have been prevented? Is it going to end? It’s never going to get better.

So stop, and look around. Isn’t it beautiful?

Un véritable coup de gueule!

I am about to bitch about my own generation. This post will probably feature undesirable language and I strongly advise anyone with a heart defect to go back to Farmville right now.

I was born in the golden year of 1995. To be honest, I have never bought into one decade being better than all the rest. Maybe this was because I was only 5 and under during the 90s, but still. It can’t have been that great, shit still happened, people still died, and everyone was still poor (except for Bill Gates).

When I was a chillun’ (that’s Alabama dialect for ‘child’) my mum was super strict about my manners. People would laugh when I told them my mum would fine me 50c if I didn’t say ‘thank you’ in about 10 seconds. Since my pocket money was about $1 in those days that was a massive loss sustained. I knew shit was going down if I went into the negatives. But back to the point, this taught me something I value greatly to this day, manners!!

The whole point of this post, which I should have said at the top (I know, my writing style is atrocious), is that my generation has NO manners to be seen! At this point everyone argues “Excuse me, I do have manners, bitch” But I’m actually referring to the smaller but still very important things that people overlook now, and I personally believe this is because of social networks such as Facebook.

Here is my point even more specifically: I run another blog, which is about my specific diet that I follow for health reasons (which is mentioned on my About Me page), as a result, I get a lot of teenage girls emailing me and asking for my advice and just generally a shoulder to cry on/laugh on/lean on/whatever. I have never not replied to an email I have received from anyone. I address every point and try and keep a conversation up, because that’s what you do. But usually these girls do not grant me the courtesy of acknowledging they received my email… no, they usually never reply. Which at first I wondered if it was maybe just a certain girl, and then I realized it was all of them.

I know I must sound like I’m 100 right now. But this really pisses me the f*** off. Seriously, is this not common courtesy anymore?!

I think I’m just going to live on my own island.

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