Actually. I should have written something as a title.

Right now I’m trying to write something for English. The book is specifically telling me to write about the people and places around me, and try and communicate an idea. I am superbly terrible at exercises of this kind… so here goes.

I am going to write about the earthquake. Why? Because technically there were ‘places’ before and now thanks to the earthquake there are none.

The city was beautiful. Maybe not in an obvious or pretentious way but it was there. Rivers snaked through the city, and modern offices sprang up beside ancient stone buildings. People rushed around town with coffees a la main, and cellphones clamped to their ears. Young people dressed in eye wateringly bright colours waited for their friends in front of the old cathedral. The only people who cared were tourists who looked on with awe at their surroundings. Like any typical city there was a mix of architectural creations  from different generations, but for the most part they were ignored. Life was speeding by and in our rush to live we forgot to.

After taking everything for granted, an event occurred that sure made the sorry citizens of Christchurch wish they hadn’t. An earthquake. Unless you have been in the middle of the end of the world, you may not know what it feels like. One day everything changes, and the stages of grieving change everything. Why did this happen? How could it have been prevented? Is it going to end? It’s never going to get better.

So stop, and look around. Isn’t it beautiful?


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