Un véritable coup de gueule!

I am about to bitch about my own generation. This post will probably feature undesirable language and I strongly advise anyone with a heart defect to go back to Farmville right now.

I was born in the golden year of 1995. To be honest, I have never bought into one decade being better than all the rest. Maybe this was because I was only 5 and under during the 90s, but still. It can’t have been that great, shit still happened, people still died, and everyone was still poor (except for Bill Gates).

When I was a chillun’ (that’s Alabama dialect for ‘child’) my mum was super strict about my manners. People would laugh when I told them my mum would fine me 50c if I didn’t say ‘thank you’ in about 10 seconds. Since my pocket money was about $1 in those days that was a massive loss sustained. I knew shit was going down if I went into the negatives. But back to the point, this taught me something I value greatly to this day, manners!!

The whole point of this post, which I should have said at the top (I know, my writing style is atrocious), is that my generation has NO manners to be seen! At this point everyone argues “Excuse me, I do have manners, bitch” But I’m actually referring to the smaller but still very important things that people overlook now, and I personally believe this is because of social networks such as Facebook.

Here is my point even more specifically: I run another blog, which is about my specific diet that I follow for health reasons (which is mentioned on my About Me page), as a result, I get a lot of teenage girls emailing me and asking for my advice and just generally a shoulder to cry on/laugh on/lean on/whatever. I have never not replied to an email I have received from anyone. I address every point and try and keep a conversation up, because that’s what you do. But usually these girls do not grant me the courtesy of acknowledging they received my email… no, they usually never reply. Which at first I wondered if it was maybe just a certain girl, and then I realized it was all of them.

I know I must sound like I’m 100 right now. But this really pisses me the f*** off. Seriously, is this not common courtesy anymore?!

I think I’m just going to live on my own island.


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