Enfin j’ai décidé

Finally I have decided what I want to do for University! Admittedly, I have a few years to go till I actually attend Uni, but there is a reason for this early decision. A few years ago, my father wisely told me “Felicity, after the age of 21 your life flies by” or something like that, but I realized that since the age of 16 my life has flown by, so it’s best to make such an important decision right now so I can work towards it.

So what do I actually want to do?

I want to do a Bachelor’s degree at the Università di Bologna in Italy, in 2 or 3 years. By the time I attend I will have (if all things go according to plan) a C2 French qualification, a C2 Italian qualification, and a C2 Spanish qualification. Not only will that catapult me to the holy land of polyglottery, but it will mean that yes, I will be able to get a Bachelor’s degree in Foreign Languages and Literature. In order to take the courses I want to take it is required to have 2 languages spoken at C2 level and be proficient in another.

Admittedly there is a slight problem. I don’t yet speak Italian, much. But that doesn’t really bother me. First of all, I’m convinced I was Italian in a past life because I seem to already understand a lot and I grasp it pretty quickly, and secondly I have faith in my language learning abilities. It took me two years of messing around half the time to become proficient in French, and now I can converse comfortably with natives, so I feel assured that if I put real time and effort into Italian I can easily master it. Yes languages are hard, but they are also incredibly simple and straightforward, or else there wouldn’t be billions of people speaking them today.

Once I have obtained this degree I attend to apply to a Grande École in Paris to get a scholarship as part of their international selection to get a Masters diploma. After 2 more years of University I’m pretty sure I will be insanely confident and arrogant speaking French, Italian, Spanish, and any other language I decide to take on. Once I have mastered those three languages I have decided I will take on Russian, Greek, maybe German (depending on if I really like the country), and Romanian.

In other news, I have also decided to take on Maori, the native language of New Zealand. Since it is a minority language it is essentially useless in regards to getting me to a country like Italy, however, there are reasons I am learning it.
1. It is the language of my ancestors. In Maori culture and in schools one of the most important things taught (if not the most important thing) is to understand where and who you come from, because essentially it dictates who you are.
2. It is the first language of my brothers. Whenever I visit them it bugs me that I can only ever understand “Do you want food?” when they speak.
3. It is easy for me. Unlike about 95% of New Zealanders I have a lot of support learning this language, and complete immersion. This is very rare and I am extremely lucky to be exposed to it spoken fluently.

So that’s about it.

Bring on 2012 I say.


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