The only reason I am writing this is because I have reached a difficult part in my schoolwork and can’t bear to carry on… then I remember that I had this blog and hadn’t updated it since the earthquake.

So what’s new?

I’ve moved to a new city. Capital of NZ, known as Wellington. It is amazing here, and I love it, but of course, my hometown is ruined and I didn’t get to say goodbye to anyone except my 2 best friends.

A few posts back I blogged about my brother(s) and how much I missed them and all that. Now I live an hour away from them, and so far I have seen them twice, and I will see them again this Thursday, and then I’ll stay with them on the weekend. Yah rly.

I really cannot be bothered with schoolwork or anything right now… I feel I have paid my dues by doing the dishes and just generally being the perfect child.

Felicity x


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