I always dreamed of taking you to school, and picking you up, plastering my bedroom walls with your pictures you drew for me, going to the playground and seeing who could swing the highest on the swings, going to the pool and teaching you how to swim, making food for you to eat, teaching you a simple song on the piano, watching you play sports and cheering, giving the dog a bath together, reading books with you, helping you with your homework, introducing you to my friends as ‘my brother’, and every night I’d say good night to you and know that more fun would await us in the morning.

All I’ve ever had with you in reality is one week, one of the best weeks of my life, and at the same time one of the worse. I would fill water balloons for you and watch you throw them on the ground, it was a waste of time – but the best waste of my time I’ve ever had. When you went to your grandma’s and when we came to pick you up you ran up to me and hugged me, and tried to introduce me to everyone. When we went to the park and went on the slides together. When you’d fall over and cry, and I was the only one who would give you a hug and kiss. When you’d try to speak English to me. When you’d say something, and I’d hear my name in the sentence. When we walked down the street and you’d hold my hand.

I miss you. And I’ll wait for you ❤


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