If you disapprove of profanity, I suggest you leave, because this post will feature violent and undesirable language.

FUCK. I fucking hate maths! I woke up an thought, today is the day to get my maths homework done hurp derp  ^_^

Instead I am greeted with this bastard of a question:

Use the formula for the volume of a sphere, V = 4 πr3 over 3, and, assuming the Earth to be spherical, calculate the volume of the Earth in km3. Use the data given in Question 4. Express your answer in scientific notation correct to two decimal places.

How could they expect children at my tender and fragile age to understand that?

I know when I show this to my mum she will say, “Ohh that’s easy!” Which will just make me want to vomit out the window. After reading the question another 300,000,000 times, I could understand it better, but the new problem was that I can’t find the fucking ‘cube’ button thing on this damn calculator -___-

WHY. I just don’t understand why the NCEA people are so intent on destroying our lives and our already wavering sanity.

Anyway, I’m going to look at this worksheet for a couple more hours. Bye.



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  1. johnnyroyal75
    Mar 13, 2011 @ 07:14:53

    I’m right there with on the maths, UGH!!!


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