Life has Resumed


I figured it was time for me to do a really long ranting post about life and stuff like that.

School has been back for a week and a half… I really like being back (most of the time), but the teachers have really had attitude makeovers in the holidays, and are now really cruel. Just statin’ the truth, people. I only just realized that I have so much effing work to do this year that it’s starting to freak me. I can see a lot of hard work ahead of me… The one thing that bugs me about being at school is that sure, I’ve been doing some work, but you know when you have that feeling that you could do better, but you don’t? Yeah, I have that right now. But I practiced piano today, which was great, that is, until my mum put me off by getting mad when I took my frustrations out on the piano by playing really fast… I can’t help it, it’s what I do! D:

Hmm… What else… Well I’ve sort of started making friends. I don’t know, I’m just hanging out with the ones I’ve already got, and being nice to people, and we are slowly starting to become more familiar. Ya know.

Now it’s time for pictures C:

I was such a fat child in those days. That was also when I was a sports pro. I think I was 13 or something.

I can remember this day so well. I had like 4 coffees, helped clean someone’s house, and then refused to have my picture taken. As you can see, I was still on the fat-ish side… Nevermind -.-

Terrible quality, haha. I’m the one with the tanned legs, I KNOW! :O

Me last year. Eating at school. My friend took this picture for his photography class or something. I mostly like the orange wall behind me.

This was the first photo I ever took on my MacBook Air! I like it because I look sort of vague and my skin looks clear. My hair looks less than desirable… but who cares.

So that’s been my life recently. I’ll update later into the week or something…



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