The last 48 hours have been insane, yet I have not even left the house.

Anyway, soz, I can’t tell, it’s a family secret wut happened yesterday.

So what happened today? I can tell you, don’t worry.

Phone rings downstairs, and I pretend I’m not home.
Cellphone rings a second later.

Me: “Hello?”
Person: “Hi, it’s Kirsty the careers person from school. I was just wondering if you were planning on going to the graduation tomorrow?”
Me: “Um… No.”
Kirsty: “Well I think you should, you have good reason to be there.”
Me: (Thinking Oh no, they are going to expel me for something illegal that I must have done) “Why? What did I do?”
Kirsty: “I probably shouldn’t tell you this… But you’ve won an award.”
Me: “Wut?! Has everyone else at school won an award too?” Thinking that was highly unlikely.
Kirsty: “No. Just a few of the top students who did well at University.”

Long story short, I won an award! Even shorter, I will NOT be going onto the stage in front of the whole school to pick up the damn thing. I hate being in front of people, so they’re just gonna send it to me in the mail. (:



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