I should be…

Doing study. Study Study Study, that’s all I ever effing do.


Srs, I managed to get my exam out the way, only to find out that I have a total of 18 days to get 3 booklets worth of Latin completed, one of which I haven’t even bloody got yet. FFFUUUUU.

Moving along..


Today I had work! I work in a Christmas shop, it’s rly fun too, except that one of my co-workers isn’t too nice to me. The correct term is co-worker, but it seems to be a hierarchy – Boss at the top (of course), her, and then at the bottom of the pile is me. I haven’t felt like this before, but this woman honestly treats me like I’m a fool or something. I may be a teenager (and teenagers have those reputations, you know) but I was acting professional, so don’t be a bitch to me! Of course, I just smiled and replied in a calm manner, too bad I have to respect my elders, even if they are jerks.

She is also under the impression I’m lazy. WTF? I stood up for an hour on my aching and sore legs (which I’d already injured 2 days earlier) and then when I finally got the chance to sit down I said “Hah, standing for an hour really takes it outta ya…” and she was like “Well, welcome to the real world, sweety.” You had to be there to hear it, it was so condescending. The only person that is allowed to call me sweety is my mother, who has a pure heart and doesn’t think I’m a moron, at least to my knowledge.

Rant completed.

Now I better start on my study… at 10.30pm. Yep.


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