Old, but still Lol-worthy

“Hi, my name is Felicity,

I ❤ PIANO! I’m learning lots of songs! My goal for next year is to be able to play…
La Valse D’Amelie
Comptine D’un Autre L’apres midi
Before Long (by Ryuichi Sakamoto)
The Last Emperor (by Ryuichi Sakamoto)
Railroad Man (by Ryuichi Sakamoto)
Winter (by Tori Amos)
The Heart asks it’s pleasure first (by Micheal Nyman)

Hahahaha, what a weird kid I was. This was a bit of my profile from the blog I kept when I was 13/14. I still love piano, but due to massively huge gaps between lessons I didn’t progress very fast. However, I’m currently having steady lessons. So I WIN! I also took the liberty to cross off the songs that I’ve learnt.

What was it I wanted to post about again? Ah yes!

I have officially learnt how to play a new song on the piano, and I gotta say, it is INTENSE.

Here it is, unfortunately not played by me, but you get the general idea.

Before Long – Ryuichi Sakamoto

Next year I am doing exams D: I figured I’ll just write my year plan down.

Terms 1 + 2:

University papers – Linguistics, Classics.

Terms 3 + 4:

NCEA Level 1: English, Mathematics, French, Latin, Economics. Maybe Music, Art History, History.

Today I met my friend for lunch, it was so nice to see her. She is a vegan and we spent most of the lunch talking about my raw veganism and her veganism and how cool it all was and omnomnoming our foods.

Another major event has taken place: I have made what I consider to be my contribution to the world. My whole life I have been searching for the lyrics to the song “Triste” – by Ryuichi Sakamoto (feat. Marco Prince + FFF), and I have located them, through yahoo answers. Unfortunately the video has been taken off YouTube, but you know what, I still have the lyrics! Click here.



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