FFF is Love

No seriously, FFF is Love.

I’m sure I wouldn’t have stumbled upon them if it wasn’t for Ryuichi Sakamoto‘s album Heartbeat, which featured a song called ‘Triste’. It was a pretty funky song, and I wondered who it was singing/rapping, and decided to take a look. Someone called Marco Prince with FFF…

I have spent the past 3 years, month, weeks, day, hour, couple of minutes trying to find stuff out about them, which is increasingly difficult, since all the sites are in French. Even with translation, the saying ‘lost in translation’ has never been more true. But anyway, here is the knowledge I have formed.

Formed in the late 80’s by Marco Prince (vocals) and Nicholas Baby (bass). Soon they were joined by Yarol Poupaud (Guitar), Krichou Montieux (Drums), Philip Niel (keyboard) and Philippe Lacroix-Herpin (Saxophone).  They called the band FFF, short for Fédération Francaise de Funk.  The band signed with Epic and released his first album, “Blast Culture” (1991) and began to tour the United States, Japan, Africa and Canada.  Two years later the second album “Free for Fever” (1993) was released, written and performed in mostly English. At this point the saxophonist, Philippe Lacroix-Herpin left the band. Three more years later, and their third album “FFF” (1996) is released, with all lyrics having been written by Marco Prince. Their next album “Live” (1997) was recorded live at Eurockéennes. They went on a tour around Asia, gaining popularity.  “Virgin” (2000) was their final album, and since then the group has been making few appearances, a notable one being July 2007 for Solidays.  Their style is a mixture between funk, rock, and occasionally rap (but not bad rap, cool rap!)

Why should you love them? Their music is French, and they’re cool. Like really cool. Not just, ‘Yeah, they’re cool’, but ‘Yes, they are cool‘.

The Best of FFF – As selected by Felicity

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Triste (Ryuichi Sakamoto/Marco Prince/FFF)
Barbès (Album: FFF)
Barbès LIVE (Album: FFF)
Alice (Album: Virgin)
New Funk Generation (Album: Blast Culture)



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