My life just got 100% better.

My exam is over! Today has been really weird though, maybe it’s something in everyone’s drinking water.

1. I saw a guy to my school lying on the road after being hit by a bus. (I’m pretty sure he survived).

2. Some random guys came up to me and started hassling me over nothing. I may have provoked the verbal attack when I asked how I knew them. Still, that doesn’t mean I deserve to be called a slut. Stupid boys -.-

I thought I’d write a guide for y’all out there that were a clueless as me when it came to taking an exam.

  • show up early. DON’T show up 5 minutes before the exam like I did, curse roadworks and slow bus drivers.
  • have a pen on you. Luckily I thought ahead, or I would have been screwed.
  • know where your exam is being held. This could be helpful.
  • turn your cellphone off. If it made any sound we got a fine of $120. If you’re poor, that’s a lot of money. Someone’s phone did keep going off, and the guy who was guarding us kept acting ninja around everyone’s bags.
  • do some study beforehand. This could make the difference between life and death.

I think that’s all.

Couldn’t find the picture of me and my brother ): But I found this on a really cool blog, I want the sunglasses, except maybe in black. But then again, the pink looks pretty cool.

It reminds me of candy I ate when I was a fat midget. Don’t eat that shit now, ick, too sweet.

Nothing to do now but nothing! YUS.




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