Smiles again

Hah, it was like yesterday never happened…! Well, we all know it did, but for some reason I just am not upset… Curiouser and curiouser.

I have had to study study STUDY! I have an exam on Monday. I think I’ll be fine, but yah know, I have to play to part of the studying student, so I sit in my room, scatter my books around me and try to look serious and studious. JK, I have been studying, all freaking day.

But anyway, here is a really RLY sweet song I found a week or so ago when I went on my youtube downloading spree a week ago.

Françoise HardyLe Premier Bonheur du Jour

My French is getting better! It’s a miracle. Haha, I find her songs especially easy to translate, they’re usually about love *rolls eyes* crazy people and their love…

I was trying to find a picture of me last year (looking fat) and my brother, it was the first time I’d met him in 4 years! But I couldn’t find it, it must be on the other computer.

I also watched a funny tv show today called The New Statesman. It was pretty funny, I guess anything is funny when the main character’s last name is B*stard.

When I grow up, I’m changing my name to that.


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