Today was a fun day.

Went to town, for a raw vegan breakfast, and to meet friend of mother’s who she went to school with. Had crêpes!

I thought I would thoughtfully share images I took this morning of Christchurch, so you don’t have to waste your money coming here.

This is the centre of town. I’m guessing it was market day, too.

Yes, there was a bird standing on the statues head.

My favourite street in the whole of Christchurch, known as New Regent Street. I’m so glad it wasn’t damaged in the earthquake.

Another shot. It has a tram line running through. A fond childhood memory of mine was riding on the tram slowly and looking in all the shop windows.  I love the bright colours and the funky balconies and ladders.

A lot more conservative, but I think they looked cool anyway. This was just me taking pictures on the way to the grocery store…

Great news! I got a 91% (A+) on my University exam! I only have one more to go. I’m so pleased, what a relief.

Last night my mother, me, a friend and his friend, went to see an Italian movie, called Generation €1000. It was really neat.

Go and see it!

Don’t mind admitting, the guy on the left was RLY good looking in the movie… ❤

That’s been my life for the past day.




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