More Fun Timezz

Yesterday there was this massive free concert in the park. Everyone went, except me, yawn, how boring it would have been. Just kidding, but seriously, I instead went to the countryside, and collected horse manure for our garden -__- What a great comparison!

I packed my suitcase full of books just so that I wouldn’t get bored… It was majorly OTT, but meh, didn’t wanna be bored.

And they had a really cool house, it was so… rustic! Want!

Here are the raw tacos I was talking about the other day. Yum yums. Check them out also at my other blog here.

I spent all morning downloading vids for my iPod off Youtube.  I love doing that! Well, I also use it for educational purposes, such as downloading lots of French videos and stuff. I also got raw vegan videos, music vids, and just generally cool stuff.

I should go now, t’was fun talking.




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