Fun Fun Fun!

So the other day my mum upgraded our picnik account to Premium, and I have had so much fun playing around with it!

This is my first edit. It is me, and me. As you can probably tell, I added a uh, tan. And of course airbrushed myself!

Another cool effect. I’m loving doing before and after pictures. Though, and this may sound incredibly vain, apart from adding a tan, there really isn’t much difference.

What else have I done this week? Yesterday I had my university test, I think I did ok…ish. Hah. Well, we’ll see.

Over on my other blog here I recently did a post about my favorite raw chocolate, and I have to admit, the pictures make me salivate every time…

On the subject of food, my mother has been making raw tacos! They are SO good, the best I have ever tasted. My goal is to eventually get around to photographing them, but I always just want to eat them straight away… Ooops.

And today I bought a RLY cool suitcase, with a lock (+ key) for only $3.00. That’s right, only three bucks! I don’t have any live-in siblings, so it’s not really used for defense of personal possessions, but I do have a mother, which is sort of an equivelant. I do have some prized possessions I don’t want to be accessable to anyone but me, so it will come in handy.

I’ve been teaching my mum French, which is cool, since we plan on going to a French speaking country soon, though we’re still not sure which one. I’ve only taught her être, avoir, and je m’appelle so far.

Tomorrow I’m going to the countryside far far away, so I’m going to bring the camera and take some nice pictures, so you can have a slice of New Zealand, who wouldn’t want a slice of New Zealand?!




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