Felic: At the moment.

I’m always changing. To be honest, it’s bloody annoying. I’m the creature in the middle, looking very placid. This was me last year. Straight hair, at a rave, best friends foreverrr, that was the ‘in’ thing.

Me this year: Curly hair, not raving, 2 stone lighter. Well, I still have that really calm look on my face. But still. I lost a lot of weight this year. I was never very big, but it makes me feel slightly better about myself. It’s normal for me to hate the way I look. I’ll eventually grow out of it I’m sure.

I’m one of those people that you meet but don’t recognize the next time you see. How can that be? Well, I have long curly hair, or long straight hair. Sometimes I tie my hair back and people think I have no hair. So really I am not a very recognizable person.

What do I love. Well, at the moment I am really into jazz.

Of course, I love piano, too. I have for awhile. But apparently I’m quite good at playing. I don’t know about that one, but I seriously enjoy it.

I have two bestest best friends: Josh and Priyanka (who I call Tim).

They are both perfect for me, and weirdly appeal to both sides of me, if ya know what I mean. Like with Priyanka/Tim, I can be all girly and talk about make up and guys, and with Josh I can laugh and talk about other stuff, and he really gets my raw veganism.

I live in the land of shakes, New Zealand, specifically in Christchurch. Yup, I lived through that horrible earthquake, it was not fun at all, and wrecked everything.

Another facet of my personality would have to be my raw veganism. I’m 100% Raw Vegan, Organic, and Cruelty Free. Sometimes I don’t like having to deal with food. Food is so difficult, even Raw Food. I love being a Raw Vegan though, I feel it is my contribution to making this planet a better place. I hate the treatment of animals in this world. I’m not interested in changing everyone (come on, let’s be realistic), but I want to have no part in supporting that industry.

I also enjoy photographing food, mostly the food I create. Check out my flikr here.

I languages! I love French, Latin, and Italian. I plan on learning more, of course, but at the moment I’m pre-occupied enough with French and Latin.

I listen to a lot of French music at the moment, FFF, Francois Hardy. I love FFF, they are so quirky, underground and French! Haha, I first discovered them through Ryuichi Sakamoto, another one of my favorite artists. I also have been listening to a lot of Jazz. My favorite artist out there would have to be Tori Amos, though when I saw her live in Sydney last year, I have to admit, it was a disappointment; what a diva, and not in a good way. I also really like 80’s stuff, SO creepy I know! But some of it is good, and the people always look hilarious, so it really has the ‘lol’ factor.

So for this blog I figure I’ll just post what I currently love. Don’t complain, I’m in the process of finding an identity, but if you have positive energy, feel free to contribute.

Love, Felicity ❤


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